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Marion McDougall began therapy at Life Care Center of Valparaiso, Indiana, on Feb. 11, 2016.


McDougall underwent a total knee replacement at Porter Regional Hospital in Valparaiso, causing limited mobility.


“I was so happy that I learned about Life Care Center of Valparaiso through their marketing director at both senior centers we go to,” said McDougall. “I learned that they give therapy seven days a week and their associates are the most highly qualified.”


McDougall met with the therapy team six to seven times a week, with her sessions focusing on techniques that improved her ability to walk, allowing her to regain her independence. Physical therapists worked on her step management using a front-wheeled walker. Occupational therapists worked on daily living activities to help her increase mobility and activity tolerance, in order to live well at home.


“They are so compassionate, considerate and helpful,” said McDougall. “The therapists give you exactly what you need to get you back to living a normal life.”


After participating in a home assessment, McDougall went home with her husband on Feb. 2. She was able to walk with the help of a front-wheeled walker and perform all self-care tasks on her own or with stand-by assistance.